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MAS6800 Double Head Cutting Machine

MAS6800 Double Head Cutting Machine
MAS6800 Double Head Cutting Machine

The MAS6800 Double Miter Saw, is a fully servo driven, double miter back cut saw with a fixed left head and numerically controlled positioning right head. Cut angles can be set by pneumatic actuators from 22.5°/90°/135° and intermediate angles utilize a manual set stop. The machine is equipped with a special controls and industrial touchscreen controller for easy operator interface.


  • Electro-welded sheet base which has been designed n such a way to offer the maximum rigidity
  • Frontal and straight blade feed with speed adjustments.
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed.
  • Wide cutting capacity by means of saw blades diameter 600 mm.
  • 4 kW cutting motors on each head.
  • Mitsubishi Drivers and Servo Motors
  • Pneumatic guards for a total covering of the cutting area.
  • Pre-arranged to use a set of tanks to collect swarfs.
  • Designed in accordance with  the EEC rules.
  • Control panel in English, or Turkish


  • No.2 carbide blades ( Ø = 600 mm.)
  • Cutting depth control apparatus (blades feeding rate control)
  • Automatic blades lubrication/cooling system(both heads) for cutting alu profiles also
  • Horizontal pneumatic clamps for holding profiles
  • Vertical pneumatic clamps for holding profile


Machine is equipped with a command panel for data entering with below specifications:

  • Digital screen for seeing profile cutting lenghts and cutting information
  • Double head cutting cycle for aluminium profiles
  • Incremental Cutting for small profiles
  • Working with cutting list
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Automatic Corner Cleatting Cutting Cycle
  • Cutting Capacity increasing system.

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