28.05.2024 - Aluminyumcuyuz & Alüminyum üzerine güncel bilgiler

Alüminyum Makinaları Uzmanı PromaX Makine


Yazarın şu ana kadar yazılmış 144 makalesi bulunuyor.

PromaX, supplies the sales and after sales services for “life easing” machines and their hardware in a professional approach to the industries of curtain wall, doors and windows production, automotive sub-contraction, furniture accessories and other industries where aluminum profiles and aluminum composite panels are used.

PromaX’s main principle of work  is to analyze and study the feasibility of machinery investment in accordance with the customer demand and his expectations. Speed and the accuracy is the most highlighted property in all PromaX machines among them there is the fastest machining center of the world.

PromaX, with the help of its deep experience in aluminum industry, supplies innovative investment ideas that reduce the cost of production in accordance with customer expectations and their demand. It determines the superior designed aluminum processing machines and hardware required for fast and accurate material processing again in accordance with its customer’s demand and needs.

Targeting to be a global player in aluminum industry, PromaX, supplies fast and high quality service in a large territory starting from Middle Asia up to Balkans, from North Africa to Siberia together with its Turkey, Kazakhstan and Syria offices with the principle of “think global, act local”.


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