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Alüminyum Üzerine Herşey-All About Aluminium

Second Hand PVC Line Machinery

The following counter and business centers in our factory are sold collectively due to business changes. All of the machines are modeled in 2012, rarely used because of job change. All of the machines are operational, trouble-free and trouble-free, visible on site. The total price of the line is 140.000 Euro.

Profile Processing Center SC 223

All cutting, milling, punching, support sheet screwing and marking operations on PVC profiles are computer controlled and assembled in one machine.

Capacity Min. 160 windows / 8 hours, Max. 180 windows / 8 hours
Engine power: 20 kW, 50 A
Max. profile height: 128 mm.
Min. profile height: 35 mm.
Max. profile width: 125 mm.
Min. profile width: 30 mm.
Max. raw profile length: 7.000 mm.
Max. profile processing length: 3,500 mm.

Automatic 4 Corner Welding and Cleaning Center

KD 663/20 Four Corner Welding Machine, Cooling Station Turning Station and CN 779 Corner Cleaning Machine.

Until the exit of the frame cleared from the boil,
all steps of the operations are controlled by the computer.
KD 663/20 Four Corner Welding 400 V – 53 A -20 kW
CN 779 Corner Cleaning 400 V – 32 A – 8 kW
Cooling Stations 400 V – 10 A

Welding Machine KC 258

With a single operation, the two sections of the PVC profile weld at the same time with high strength.

Power: 3.0 kW
Max. welding length: 3,400 mm.
Min. welding length: 425 mm.
Max. profile width: 130 mm. (90 ° welding angle)
Max. profile height: 190 mm.

Cutting Machine TC 294

It makes high precision cutting of PVC lathing profiles at computer controlled 45 ° angle.

Total power: 1,5 kW
Motor power: 0,75 kW x 2
Saw cycle: 2,800 rpm
Saw diameters: Ø 200 mm. x 2; Ø 100 mm. x 2
Max. cutting length: 3,000 mm.
Min. cutting length: 230 mm.
Machine weight: 130 kg.

Double Head Profile Cutting Machine TT 352

350 mm. PVC profile cut with saw blade.
The moving head is moved manually. Over
the desired size is checked from the digital display
pneumatically fixed.
Electric rating: 400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz

Total power: 2.2 kW
Saw cycle: 2,800 rpm
Max. cutting length: 3,700 mm.
Min. cutting length: 410 mm.

Copy Milling

PVC and aluminum profiles, barrel, lock, arm locations and
opens the water discharge channels.
Electrical rating: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Engine power: 0.75 kW
Engine revs: 12,000 rpm
Milling area: 250 x 100 mm.
Milling depth: 100 mm.
Max. profile measurements: 110 mm. x 100 mm.

Single Corner Welding Machine

Medium Recording Machine


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